Tina Turner Tea Lady

Winner of Best Newcomer in the 2014 London Cabaret Awards, Tracey Collins’ hilariously off-beat alter-ego is gyrating her way to the top of everyone’s must-see list and it’s easy to see why.

As the rock gigs dried up (along with other things), Tina has turned to her other great passion in life (apart from her men), tea. Her tea room does not serve coffee, although she did once try to figure out how to use a coffee machine to keep up with the ever-encroaching coffee chains.

2014 is Tina T’urner’s first full-length Edinburgh show and is met with some of the most enthusiastic audiences I’ve seen on the Fringe. Packed to the rafters in a blisteringly hot room, Tina T’urner sings and dances to a reworked selection of the 80’s rock star’s greatest hits as she recounts tales from her glory days, both past and present.

Crossing the spectrum from intelligent humour to cheesy cabaret, Tracey Collins plays the part of rock-star-turned tea-lady with a grace and humour that is both stylish and grotesque in equal measure; a satisfyingly side-splitting combination.

I almost missed Tina T’urner Tea Lady, due to traffic and bad planning on my part. Don’t make that mistake – go see her, get there early, and settle in for some of the funniest 50 minutes of your life.